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List of authors

Name / pseudo Link to matching articles
Javier Aranguren UH sleeping car
Arsemitia E2 open wagon
D. Auzéau Improvement of Picasso Mistral
Pierre B. MU sleeping car
Eaos open wagon
Pierre Barbe DEV AO B10c10 coach
Ks flat wagon, etc.
BB 102 CC 40105
Luc Beaumadier Y-7469 shunter
Nord Rapide A3B3Dd coach
Lothar Behlau Ub sleeping car
T2 sleeping car
R. Bersot UIC B9c9x coach
Nord Rapide B9 coach, etc.
Philippe Blondé Ugp cereal wagon
Bouldo BB 63500
B. Collardey BB 16000
G. Coudert Ex-DR luggage van
DEV inox A9 coach
Vincent Cuny Rescue crane
Jean-Félix Darel ITto open wagon
Tms open wagon
J. Defrance BB 12000
231 K 82
Laurent Delhaie Rs NMBS flat wagon
J.-P. Demoy VB2N Vitrains
VTU LS Models, etc.
Pierre Devaux Les trains by Pierre Devaux
Didi79 Standard UIC Piko covered wagon
Primeurs LS Models covered wagon, etc.
Hans Ulrich Diener DB Gbs 252 covered wagon
Didier Duforest A1A A1A 62000
Jean-Pierre Dumont Nord Dd2 luggage van
PEz OCEM mail transport van, etc.
J.-M. Dupuy DEV AO B10c10 coach
EC64 SZD Y sleeping car
Vr Gril-Express dining car, etc.
Christian Fincato VSE A9 coach
Klaus Föhl RIB coach
Philippe Granata Standard A covered wagon
Régis Grannec TMF Ugps cereal wagon
P.-L. Guillemin USI A4t4 coach
VSE A9 coach
Ernesto Imperato FS UIC-X Bz coach
Anton Kendall Gbhs covered wagon
Rs DB flat wagon, etc.
Bernd Kittendorf Gabs covered wagon
Tobias B. Köhler Sgs flat wagon
Eddy Konijnendijk X-4532 railcar
Rolf Köstner DB ABum223 coach
DB Aum202 coach
K. Krallis Decauville Steatite steam loco
Éditions La Vie du Rail TEE PBA 64 coaches
CC 40100
Au dépôt de Calais, etc.
J.-P. Langlet C 61027
Cl. Lapierre X 3200
Michel Lavertu UIC A9 coach
Marcel Le Guay 231 K 82
Uahk tank wagon
Uh OCEM29 tank wagon
Thierry Leleu X 3800
CC 72000
Jean-Paul Lescat BB 63888
BB 66066, etc.
Éditions Loco Revue -
Fiches documentaires
PAz OCEM travelling post office
3 axle B8tm coach, etc.
Sven Manias DB Am203 coach
Patrick Meunier CC 65500
BB 15000, etc.
Alain Moine Res flat wagon
Joachim Neu BB 17000
Manuel Paa FS UIC-X Az coach
Frédéric Parrot Y 8400
J.-C. Perreaud Mainliner Duomatic
Perrelle 030 TU 20
Frédéric Poupelain Uahs tank wagon
Us MT flat wagon, etc.
G. Rannou Y 50100
Klaus Ratzinger DB ABm225 coach
Gerald Robinson 141 R 994
231 K 82
Roloff XR 8000
Rosedog Steam generator van
Didier Rousseau Ghks covered wagon
Fads hopper wagon, etc.
Patrick Sambourg Uagps cereal wagon
EVS silo wagon, etc.
SNCF DD car transporter
231 E 26, etc.
Michael Stepputat DB ABm223 coach
DB Avmz111 coach
J.C. Tramoni 141 R 1242
Traveller Dave Griffet crane
Saviem SG4 car transporter
Günter Tscharn DB Bm234 coach
J.-P. Vergez-Larrouy Y 6400
K covered wagon, etc.
Bernard Vieu X 4500
L. Viguier Rs flat wagon
TA52 STVA car transporter
Sébastien Vincent Gs covered wagon
Rolf Wiemann DB Bm234

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