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Last update: 24 May 2024

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30/03/2024-Improving the Roco A1A A1A 68050 headlights
07/03/2024-Electric locomotive CC 25009 Piko
14/02/2024-Diesel-electric locomotive A1A A1A 68050 Roco
24/01/2024-Rear suspension for Dyane Brekina
11/01/2024-Rear suspension for Acadiane Brekina
10/01/2024-Citroën Dyane, Acadiane, Saab 99, Volvo 343
01/01/2024-Ford Granada, Opel Rekord D, Mercedes Trac 800, Renault 1000 kg…
28/09/2023-Improving the LS Models Nord Rapide van
9/09/2023-Nord Rapide Dd4s luggage van LS Models
06/09/2023-New lighting strip for unified railcar trailer REE
30/08/2023-Diesel-electric locomotive BB 63901 R37
21/08/2023-Improving the EPM Est “Romilly” modernized coaches
5/08/2023-DAF 750, Ford Consul Capri, Renault 5…
4/08/2023-Est metallized “Romilly” coaches EPM
2/08/2023-Unified railcar trailer XRABD 7487 REE
22/07/2023-Lighting of the LS Models NMBS I2 coaches
6/07/2023-Aston Martin DB5, FIAT 128
15/06/2023-Soldering station Yihua 8786D
10/06/2023-Improving the LS Models NMBS I4 coaches
10/06/2023-EVS Lailps 3-axle flat wagon with tarpaulin Jouef
07/06/2023-My method for soldering Surface Mount Device
06/06/2023-Improving the REE UIC coaches
30/04/2023-Rear suspension for AMI 6 Atlas
28/04/2023-Electric locomotive BB 12079 Jouef
28/04/2023-Volkswagen Transporter T1b Brekina/SAI
15/04/2023-Renault 5, Renault 20 and Matra Rancho
3/04/2023-Uh 3-axle tank wagon Jouef
3/04/2023-I2 B11 coaches of the NMBS Models World
3/04/2023-RIC luggage van of the NMBS Models World
24/03/2023-Improving the Jouef MT pantograph
20/03/2023-Improving the Mistral 69 Hornby-Jouef coaches
2/03/2023-Electric locomotive BB 16019 REE

Exegi monumentum aere perennius*
Goscinny & Uderzo - Asterix and the Banquet*

Published on 20 November 2016
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I have erected a monument more lasting than bronze

Uh, no, no, it’s from HoraceOdes, book III

On average over
the last 12 months.

Peugeot 403-7 1960 SAI Les Classiques

Citroën 2CV 1958 SAI Les Classiques

Renault 5 TL 1972 REE

Renault 20 TS 1977 PCX87

Matra Simca Rancho PCX87

Aston Martin DB5 Brekina

FIAT 128 Brekina-Starline

DAF 750 Brekina

Ford Consul Capri BoS Models

Renault 5 Alpine Turbo PCX87

Ford Granada MKI Turnier PCX87

Opel Rekord D Caravan PCX87

Mercedes MB Trac 800 Brekina

Renault « 1000 kg » 1950 Brekina

Citroën Dyane 1968 Brekina

Citroën Acadiane 1978 Brekina

Saab 99 1970 PCX87

Volvo 343 1976 PCX87