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Brekina / SAI 7630


Citroën Acadiane 1978.


At first glance, the model looks good, in a realistic colour. The windscreen and — this is worth noting — the windows of the van section are flush, but not the doors’… The rearview mirrors have to be fitted by the customer, and are not very discreet, being unfortunately chromed.

The headlights and bumpers are fitted, the rear one being well rendered. The wheels are perfectly to scale, which is rare.

As with the Dyane, I regret the visible presence of the rear axle, which does not exist on the real vehicle.

What’s more, there’s a rather crude error that can be seen up close: the ribs on the side panels of the van section, which are actually recessed, are here treated in relief, just like on the old 2CV!

The car can be dismantled by removing the rear bumper. Here’s a photo of the dismantled model.Dismantled model


Rear wheels made “independent” with a cranked axle. Here is a photo of the modified car.Acadiane with modified rear axle


The Citroën Acadiane, replacement for the 2CV van, was produced from 1978 to 1987.

Main characteristics (1978 model): front-wheel drive, flat-twin, air-cooled engine, 602 cm3, 22.8 kW (31 hp) DIN. Maximum speed: 103 km/h. Weight: 680 kg. Payload: 475 kg. 135-15 tyres.

Documents :

Citroën Acadiane 1978, front viewCitroën Acadiane 1978, front view

Citroën Acadiane 1983, front view

Photo andreboeni on wikimedia.

Citroën Acadiane 1978, rear viewCitroën Acadiane 1978, rear view

Citroën Acadiane 1983, rear view

Photo andreboeni on wikimedia.

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Length 4 030 46.3 47.5
Width 1 500 17.2 17.5
Height 1 825 21.0 20.5
Wheelbase 2 535 29.1 29.4
Front track 1 260 14.5 14.4
Rear track 1 260 14.5 13.2 1
Wheel diameter 602 6.9 7.0
Tyre width 135 1.6 1.6
  1. 13.8 after modification of the rear axle.