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Brekina / SAI 7610


Citroën Dyane 1968.


At first glance, this model of the Dyane 6 (it’s written on the rear trunk) looks good. The chrome decoration is more discreet than I feared. However, there seems to be a flaw: the windscreen doesn’t rise high enough; it should be at the same height as the side windows, if not a little higher, but it isn’t.

The scale is excellent, even for the wheels. Only the rear track does not conform, as is the case with most Citroëns, because of the wheel arches that are not clear in conjunction with the plastic thickness.

Inserted parts: bumpers, headlights (not silvered), tail lights, soft top, rear-view mirror (not very discreet).

I regret that the rear wheels are not independent, which is a very visible feature on small Citroëns when viewed from the rear. However, Wiking was able to do this on its Renault 4s, even if it wasn’t perfect.

Another regret is that the roof uprights are too thick. This highlights the fact that the side windows are not flush (the windscreen and rear window are). On the PCX87 models purchased at the same time, these uprights are almost half as thick.

The car is dismantled not by removing the bumpers, which are glued in place, but by removing a small pull tab that simulates the rear number plate (unpainted). Here is a photo of the dismantled model.Dismantled model


“Independent” wheels at the rear by removing the axle and adding suspension “beaters”. Here is a photo of the modified car.Dyane with rear axle modified


The Citroën Dyane was manufactured from 1967 to 1983. It therefore failed to replace the 2CV, which was Citroën's original aim.

Main characteristics (Dyane 6 Confort 1968): front-wheel drive, flat-twin, air-cooled engine, 602 cm3, 18.75 kW (25 hp) DIN. Maximum speed: 110 km/h. Weight: 585 kg. 125-380 tyres.

Documents :

Citroën Dyane 1968, front viewCitroën Dyane 1968, front view

Citroën Dyane 6, front view

Photo Rudolf Stricker on wikimedia.

Citroën Dyane 1968, rear viewCitroën Dyane 1968, rear view

Citroën Dyane 6, rear view

Photo Rudolf Stricker on wikimedia.

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Length 3 905 44.9 44.8
Width 1 500 17.2 17.7
Height 1 540 17.7 17.3 1
Wheelbase 2 400 27.6 27.2 2
Front track 1 260 14.5 14.9
Rear track 1 260 14.5 13.3 3
Wheel diameter 605 7.0 7.1
Tyre width 125 1.4 1.6
After modification of rear axle:
  1. 17.5
  2. 27.7
  3. 14.4