A4c4B5c5 DEV AO U58 couchette coach Jouef

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Jouef HJ4104


A4c4B5c5 DEV AO U58.

UIC number Revision date
51 87 44-40 233-1 4 3.6.74
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165 g; 115 after removing the ballast (NEM: 112 to 145 g).


This coach is a new mould and has many differences with the old DEV Jouef (including the B10c10 it is sold with). The main one is that it is shorter than the other DEV coaches, in accordance with the prototype. The second is that its body is moulded in one part with the roof. The third is that its height is correct.

The interior layout is also improved, with seats inserted — but no couchette, even in day position. The wall of the corridor is inserted; on my copy, it was poorly positioned. Another improvement is its ease of disassembly. No more hard clips: there are only four very small side lugs located 71 mm from the middle of the coach, and none at the ends.

Ease of decoration too, because the seats are not glued. They can therefore be painted separately, as well as the floor.

Nevertheless, there are still some faults inherited from previous series: scrawny buffers, needlessly mounted on springs, and often crooked, bright nickel-plated wheels with 1.05 mm flange, gangway handrails fixed on doors, gutters not extending to the edge of the body.

The position of the SNCF marking seems incorrect, since it is not in the center of the coach, as in the photo opposite.

On the whole, the progress is still very notable compared to the old productions.



  • Ballast (50 g) removed.
  • 1st class seat headrests and floor painted. Blinds on some compartments.
  • Lighting powered by wires wrapped on wheel axles, and controlled by latching reed switch. The LEDs are directed towards the ceiling, where a reflector returns the light down to the non-hidden compartments and the corridor (indirect lighting). See picture.Lighted coach
  • Coupling boxes shortened by 2 mm, but this is still insufficient to avoid a gap between the bellows.


Series of 40 1st / 2nd class couchette coaches, made in 1960/61 by Brissonneau. Assignment : Est, Nord, Sud-Ouest and Sud-Est. Bogies Y16I then Y24Z. Speed limit: 140 km/h. Weight: 42.5 t.

It’s the only DEV AO diagram not having an overall length of 25.094 m, but only 24.340 m.


DEV AO A4c4B5c5 JouefDEV AO A4c4B5c5 Jouef

DEV AO A4c4B5c5 JouefDEV AO A4c4B5c5 Jouef

A4c4B5c5 DEV

Photo J.-M. Frybourg in Encyclopédie des voitures SNCF, 1990 edition, p. 281.

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 24 340 279.8 279.0
Chassis length 23 800 273.6 268.5
Width 2 890 33.2 33.7
Height 3 940 45.3 45.3
Pivot distance 16 246 186.7 187.2
Bogie wheelbase (Y24) 2 300 26.4 26.6
Wheel diameter 920 10.6 10.5
“Long” DEV AO assigned to region 2 in 1970:
Type Order UIC number Number
B10c10 1956 51 87 50-40 261 to 289 29
B10c10 1957 51 87 50-40 416 to 437 22
A4c4B5c5 1958 51 87 44-40 201 to 220 20

Division des études des voitures of the SNCF.

AO = ordinary steel coaches,
as opposed to DEV “inox” (stainless steel).