TEE 61 “PBA” generator coach Trix

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Trix 23408 (one among four coaches)


TEE 61 luggage / generator coach known as “PBA” (Paris - Brussels - Amsterdam).

Coach Registration Revision
A2Dx 61 87 81-89 701-1 23.06.72


176 g (NEM: 99 to 129 g)


Longer buffers and non-flattened gangway rubber joints are provided for the ends of the train.

This coach is too low about 0.7 mm, which is obvious (to the not rounded side of the roof of course) if it is coupled to a Mistral 69 LSM coach which has a correct height.

Disassembly is very simple: just remove the UIC rubber joints, and the chassis goes out without difficulty. The roof and the body form a single piece, which is favourable to the appearance of their junction.

The bogie on the generator side of the coach should have an additional dashpot in front of each beam spring, i.e. a total of four additional dashpots (source: Le Train, Les archives de la DEV vol. 2, p. 14 and 24). The fasteners are present: see photos opposite.



  • Lighting, high brightness LED tail lamps, decoder, three-pole coupling to power the rest of the train.
  • Body raised by 0.6 mm.
  • Additional dashpots on the bogie under the generator side.
  • Wheel width and flange reduced to approach the NEM standard.


Coaches built in 1963/1964 in seven units by Carel et Fouché (France) to provide the Trans Europ Express Paris - Brussels - Amsterdam connection. See detailed registration on previous page.

Coaches equipped with a generator to power the train (air conditioning) even in the absence of locomotive.

This generator consists of a 308 kW (420 hp) V-12 Poyaud Diesel engine and a 300 kVA 660 V 50 Hz three-phase alternator. Rotation speed of the group: 1500 rpm.

These coaches are not air-conditioned. The compartments they contain are reserved for the service: one for the conductor, two for the police and customs, and one acting as infirmary.

Unladen weight: 50 t.


A2D Generator coach TrixA2D Generator coach Trix


Photo Y. Broncard collection.

Comparaison des bogiesnouveaux amortisseurs

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 21 600 248.3 247.5
Body length 21 240 244.1 244.0
Width 2 860 32.9 33.1
Height 4 050 46.6 45.9 1
Pivot distance 14 200 163.2 163.2
Bogie wheelbase (Y24) 2 300 26.4 26.4
Wheel diameter 920 10.6 10.4
  1. 46.7 after modification.

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