Ex-CIWL “Breda” 52-seat dining-car LS Models

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LS Models 49197


Ex-CIWL ‘Breda’ 52-seat dining-car

UIC Number ex-CIWL Rev. Date
51 87 88-40 565-3 4273 7.3.69


128 g (NEM: 108 to 140 g)


The coach is delivered wrapped in a square of dark blue satin-look cloth, marked with the CIWL monogram. At first sight, the general appearance is very satisfactory. The kitchen windows are finely frosted.

When handling the coach, I notice that the bogie pivoting is rather hard, especially on the dynamo side. In fact, softening the pivot clips will solve this problem. The running is correct, but not much more. The wheels have a back-to-back distance of 14.1 to 14.3 mm, which is insufficient (NEM: 14.5 ± 0.1). The flanges are 1 mm high.

On the end without an access platform, a small step seems to be missing, the baseplate is visible with a broken appearance, but I found nothing in the box. On the same end, the heating jumper is not fitted. There are two in the parts bag, so this is easily remedied.

Folded bellows are supplied. The unfolded bellows can be removed rather easily. Unfortunately, the holders are glued and cannot be removed. So if you want to install a folded bellows, you’ll have to destroy these accessories to install the proper holders, probably by re-drilling the coach’s end walls. A pity!

The interior layout shows light yellow walls, dark brown floor, green seats and white tables. I did not try to remove the roof for a closer look.



Series of ten coaches (4265 to 4274) built in 1955 by Società Italiana Ernesto Breda per Costruzioni Meccaniche in Milano, on chassis of former Pullman Étoile du Nord coaches damaged during WWII. Initially, coaches No. 4265 to 4269 were allocated to Italy — they were transferred to Belgium from 1981. Coaches 4270 to 4274 were allocated to France and sold to the SNCF in 1962.

Layout: 52 seats. Mass: 52 t. Speed limit: 140 km/h. PP (Pennsylvania) bogies. The special feature of these coaches is that they have only one access platform. The kitchen is supplied through hatches in the side of the coach.

In the 1960s, at least one of these coaches was used on the TAC (trains auto-couchette) trains from Boulogne. No. 4271 was assigned to the Paris - Brussels route.

In 1974, coaches 4271 to 4274 were fitted with Y26D bogies originally intended for Mistral 69s, giving them a speed limit of 160 km/h.


LSModels ex-CIWL no. 4273 dining-carLSModels ex-CIWL no. 4273 dining-car

LSModels ex-CIWL no. 4273 dining-carLSModels ex-CIWL no. 4273 dining-car

Ex-CIWL 4272 dining-car

Photo Maurice Mertens on forum.e-train.fr.

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 23 450 270.0 270,0
Body length 22 200 255.2 256.7
Width 2 854 32.8 33.3
Height 4 000 46.0 46.4
Pivot distance 16 000 184.0 183.6
Bogie wheelbase (PPs) 2 500 28.7 28.7
Wheel diameter 1 000 11.5 12.0