Ex-CIWL 56-seat dining car LS Models

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LS Models 49194


Ex-CIWL 56-seat dining car

UIC number ex-CIWL Rev. date
51 87 88-80 569-6 3345 12.8.71
Home base: Paris - Conflans


126 g (NEM: 108 to 140 g)


Very beautiful appearance, of the same quality as the Ub sleeping car bought three years ago. But with a 37 % price increase, which seems difficult to justify: the interior is no more complicated, and Schlieren bogies are much simpler (two pieces only, the axles apart).

The wheels, of correct diameter, have 1 mm flanges, which is a little too much compared to the current trend. The axles rotate in brass bearings, and I have not seen any unwanted rubbing yet.

Unlike many productions (LSM or others), the height is almost the same on both sides (to 1/10th mm), but a little too high.

In the category Small annoying details: there is only one folded bellows delivered, with of course the two corresponding suspensions. At the price of this coach, it is a real pettiness. The gangways do not stand vertically, and as they are quite long (probably to scale), they can interfere with the coupling of another coach.

Finally, for once, there is no difficulty in mounting NEM couplings.



Series of 20 cars (3341 to 3360) built in 1928 by Entreprises industrielles charentaises (E.I.C.) in Aytré, sold by the CIWL to the SNCF in 1962.

Standard furnishings: 56 seats. CIWL No. 3342, 3345, 3353, 3355 and 3358 coaches were fitted with Schlieren bogies (type N at the CIWL) and high power electro-pneumatic brake, allowing a speed limit of 160 km/h. In addition, the 3353, 3355 and 3358 were equipped with Stone air conditioning but therefore had only 52 seats. Tare 53 t (without airco) or 56 t (with airco).


CIWL dining car LSModelsCIWL dining car LSModels

Dining-car No. 3345

Anonymous photo on cier.lu.

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 23 450 270.0 269.5
Chassis length 21 940 252.2 251.4
Width 2 810 32.3 32.9
Height 4 005 46.0 46.4
Pivot distance 16 000 184.0 183.6
Bogie wheelbase 2 500 28.7 28.7
Wheel diameter 1 000 11.5 11.4