AB6 DEV AO U46 coaches REE

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Brand - Reference

REE VB-200 (2 pieces)


AB6 DEV AO U46 called “courte” (short).

UIC number Revision date
51 87 38-40 564-7 5 25.7.72
51 87 38-40 632-2 5 25.7.72
Home base: Paris-Conflans


127 g (NEM : 107 to 140 g)


Opening the box, two things strike me. First: this box is designed for three coaches, a package remains empty. In fact, for a long time, and still today on the REE website, this reference was described as containing two composite coaches and one of 2nd class. Moreover, REE got a little confused: the outer label refers to a “box of 2 coaches […] B10 and AB6”! The second thing is that the expanded foam has been replaced with thermoformed plastic. I have nothing against that. There may be less risk of catching small parts.

Having removed the lid of one of the two packages, I am surprised by the great clarity of the windows: I thought for a moment that they had been forgotten! But the box-roof junction is still visible and irregular. I have the feeling that we must choose between thin and clear glass, and finesse of this junction. Hard!

The 2nd class seats are a lot too bright blue, as for the UIC, while they were a slightly bluish grey actually. The exterior walls are not painted, but the corridor partition is white with window frames painted carmine red.

From a technical point of view, we find a defect already noted on other models of the brand: the bogie pivots are damaged by the fixing screw, and this is true on both units. The fixing bushing is too small in diameter to resist screwing.

Some buffers are not glued and fall easily. Some also have their head (springged) which remains depressed. The installed heating plugs have no cable. Curiously, some with cables can be found in the spare part bag. Why not have them mounted directly? Mystery.

There is a 3-point suspension. Some blade springs are stuck crooked.

The height is still a little low.



  • Electric heating cables mounted.
  • Bogie pivots repaired. Screw covers that may fall at any time have not been set up again.
  • Lighting by conductive bearings, controlled by latching reed switch.
  • Coach No. 632 fitted with connectors for removable tail lamps. See the pages on this subject.


DEV AO U46 coaches are the first of their kind. They are called “short” (LOB 23.344 m) as opposed to “long” (LOB 25.094 m) of U55 to U59 programs. They are characterized by very enveloping skirts, including, at the beginning, above the bogies, of Y16 type.

The U46 program order included 75 AB6 1st/2nd class coaches, 75 B9c9 2nd class couchette coachesvoiture couchette and 200 C10 3rd class coachesvoiture 3e classe. Built by several different manufacturers, they were delivered from December 1948 to November 1951.




A2½B6 DEV U46

Photo eurocity64 on Loco-Revue Forum.

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 23 344 268.3 268.0
Chassis length 22 265 255.9 254.0
Width 2 935 33.7 34.1
Height 3 940 45.3 44.9
Pivot distance 15 516 178.3 178.0
Bogie wheelbase 2 400 27.6 27.5
Wheel diameter 920 10.6 10.6
List of “short” DEV AO coaches assigned to the Nord Region in January 1971 (source: Le Train, Les archives de la DEV, Volume 1).
Type Order UIC number Number
AB6 1946 51 87 38-40 579 to 590 12
B10 1948 51 87 20-40 101 to 199 99
B9c9 1952 51 87 59-40 101 to 125 25
B10 1952 51 87 20-40 201 to 232 32
A8 1953 51 87 18-40 537 to 614 78

Division des études des voitures of the SNCF.

AO = ordinary steel coaches,
as opposed to DEV “inox” (stainless steel).