DB WRmz135 dining car (FRG) Roco

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Brand - Reference

Roco 74122-A


DB WRmz135 dining car.

UIC Number Revision Date
61 80 88-90 401-5 7.5.78
Home: Frankfurt (M) Hbf


198 g (NEM: 126 to 164 g).


Coaches of Erasmus set including three coaches ref. 74122, era IVb of Germany, i.e. end of seventies.

These coaches have in common a rather mediocre painting, “orange peel”, an equally mediocre pad printing, making sometimes difficult to read the revision dates and other information, and non burnished, very bright wheels. They are sold with no individual box.

Wheel sets: 1.1 mm flanged wheels, back-to-back distance 14.3. Length between tips 24.8.

The WRmz135 coach is too heavy of at least 34 g.

The handrails are mounted. The bogie dampers are not mounted.

The roof is easily removed, revealing a decorated interior: reddish brown floor and kitchen, emerald green seats, white tables and lamps.



Series of 36 coaches manufactured in 1969 by O & K. Speed limit: 200 km/h; length: 27.5 m. Two dining rooms with 18 and 24 seats. The main difference with the previous WRmh132 is the presence of a pantograph to power the coach in the absence of locomotive.

If I understood correctly, only one of these coaches was equipped to capture the 25 kV 50 Hz of France.


DB WRmz135 coach RocoDB WRmz135 coach Roco

DB WRmz135 coach RocoDB WRmz135 coach Roco

DB WRmz135 dining car

Photo eurocity64 on forum.e-train.fr.

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 27 500 316.1 315.3
Body length 27 200 312.6 313.0
Width 2 805 32.2 32.7
Height 4 050 46.6 46.8
Pivot distance 19 500 224.1 224.2
Bogie wheelbase (MD) 2 500 28.7 28.6
Wheel diameter 920 10.6 11.0