Electric locomotive BB 12079 Jouef

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Brand - Reference

Jouef HJ2338


BB 12079

Mass / slipping current at 12 V DC

250 g / 350 mA.


Mohon depot, which places the period between 1980 and 1988.

Fine engraving. The respect of the scale is almost perfect.

Some detail parts are already mounted on one end, but not on the other: electric jumper and plug, brake hose, articulated screw coupling. The latter cannot be configured at rest, with the shackle hanging on the headstock. The front running boards are photoetched openwork. There are also parts representing the insulating poles for manual mounting of the pantographs, but they are rather poorly represented.

The pantographs are the same as on the 14000/14100 of the brand; they are fixed by a screw on their support. Unfortunately, the latter is fitted with a central barrel for the screw to pass through, which doesn’t exist in reality, and which will not be very discreet if I remove the screw as I usually do.

Trix BB 12000s have been criticized for having secondary suspension springs glued to the bogie side beams. Here they are well attached to the chassis, but this time not set back far enough from it.

The drawbars have no elongation, and are fitted with a dovetail in accordance with NEM 363 (housing for coupling head in case of lack of space). The tightening of the coupling head does not seem very effective. Suitable heads are available from Fleischmann under the reference Profi 6570, and from Roco under the references 40281, 40286 or 40287 (“harpoons”). Dovetail coupling extensions are included in the parts bag.

The wheels have decorated sidewalls. The back-to-back distance is correct (14.4 mm). The flanges are 0.8 mm high.

Electrically, in direct current, the machine consumes 350 mA when slipping, and 860 mA when the motor is blocked.



  • Fitting the electric heating jumper at the rear, which should not interfere with the coupling travel. This is not an easy installation, as the part has to be twisted to be fitted in place.

  • To remove the front coupling head support, which interferes with the mounted articulated coupling, the plastic part of the metal bogie frame must be pulled apart with a flat screwdriver blade. Caution: this part, which supports the current pickup strips, is difficult to put back in place.
  • Lenz Silver 21+ decoder.
  • Removal of the pantograph fixing screws. Reduction of the corresponding barrel on the supports. Installation of Pennati MT pantographs.


Single-phase 25 kV 50 Hz AC locomotives with rectifiers and DC series motors. They were built in 148 units from 1954 to 1961, in three subseries:

  • 12001 to 12034, by Société des Forges et Ateliers du Creusot (SFAC);
  • 12035 to 12064, by Alsthom - Schneider-Westinghouse (SW);
  • 12065 to 12148, by SFAC, SW and Jeumont.

Continuous power: 2473 kW (3360 hp). Maximum speed: 120 km/h. Continuous tractive force: 16600 / 18600 daN, mass: 85.6 / 81.3 t according to subseries.

Among the various series of so-called “fers à repasser” built to experiment with the 25 kV / 50 Hz power supply on the North-East artery (known as Valenciennes - Thionville), the BB 12000 equipped with a graduator (a sort of variable transformer), rectifiers and DC motors did give the greatest satisfaction, even exceeding their initial specifications. For this reason, their design was subsequently carried over to all subsequent single-phase series, and even to some dual-current machines.

The BB 12079 was put into service in September 1957 at Strasbourg. Successive depots: Lens (January 1958), Aulnoye (December 1969), Mohon (September 1979). It was withdrawn in November 1988.


  • Loco-Revue sheet No. 52 / 11967 - 65 a 5. Note: the picture of this sheet represents the BB 12001, the only one equipped with sheet metal pantograph supports. Sheet preview.LR sheet p 1

BB 12079 JouefBB 12079 Jouef

BB 12094

Anonymous photo in Ferrovissime hors-série 2014-2, p.44.

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 15 200 174.7 174.8
Chassis length 14 010 161.0 161.5
Width (cab) 2 900 33.3 33.5
Width (chassis) 34.5
Height 3 695 42.5 42.3
Pivot distance 8 200 94.3 93.9
Bogie wheelbase 3 200 36.8 36.7
Wheel diameter 1 250 14.4 14.4

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