Volkswagen Transporter T1b Brekina/SAI

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Brekina/SAI 2410.5


Volkswagen T1b panel van


This “Bulli” is a T1b model, with indicators above the headlights. It is made of several parts that allow to reproduce the tormented reliefs of the original quite faithfully. However, these parts don’t fit together very well and leave gaps visible up close. In particular, see the body belt in the rear three-quarter view. The front VW logo is too small.Combi T1b Brekina dismantled

The headlights are inserted and clear, but not silvered: they look dark. Neither the front nor the rear lights are painted.

The interior is one-piece brown, with the steering wheel unfortunately “extruded”.


  • Reflective sheet stuck behind the headlights.
  • Front track corrected (+ 1 mm).


The VW Transporter T1 (officially named VW type 2, type 1 being the “Beetle”) was manufactured from 1950 to 1967, with several evolutions. The main difference between the T1 and its successor, the T2, is the split windscreen, hence the nickname “Split”.

Specifications (1965 model): Air-cooled flat-four engine, 1493 cm3, 30.9 kW (42 hp) DIN. Engine located at the rear. Tyres 6.40×15. Maximum speed 105 km/h. Tare weight 1140 kg. Payload 930 kg.


VW transporter T1b Brekina/SAI, rear viewVW transporter T1b Brekina/SAI, rear view

VW transporter T1b Brekina/SAIVW transporter T1b Brekina/SAI

VW transporter T1

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Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Length 4 280 49.2 48.8
Width (front bumper) 1 750 20.1 20.1
Height 1 940 22.3 22.4
Wheelbase 2 400 27.6 27.2
Front track 1 370 15.7 14.3 1
Rear track 1 360 15.6 14.3
Wheel diameter 645 7.4 7.5
Tyre width 165 1.9 1.8
  1. 15.3 after correction