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Brekina / Starmada 91371


Mercedes-Benz MB Trac 800 1975 agricultural tractor


Model presented in a large moulded plastic box, whereas the classic Brekina case would have been sufficient…

Unpainted bodywork. The undercarriage is very detailed, with the transmission shafts and axles shown in detail. Here is a photo.MB Trac undercarriage

The front wheels are articulated independently of each other, allowing them to be steered to some extent.

The windows are flush. Attachments: headlights and lights, running boards, steering wheel. Mirrors are supplied separately, as are other unidentified parts.

Very accurate to scale.


  • Mirrors fitted quite easily and without glue. The box accepts the model with its mirrors fitted!
  • Front wheels locked in a steered position using a very small amount of Patafix stuffed into the joints.


The Mercedes MB Trac agricultural tractor was produced from 1972 to 1991 (the Trac 800 from 1975 to 1980). It was based on the Unimog platform.

Main features (MB Trac 800): four-wheel drive; same diameter wheels. OM 314 3 782 cm3 diesel engine with 53.7 kW (73 hp). 14.9-24 tyres. Weight 3.95 t. Maximum speed 30 to 40 km/h depending on transmission ratio.

This machine have been possibly used as a shunter or even as a road-rail tractor, as shown in this extract from a photo taken by Patrick Sambourg at the Esternay silo in the Marne department (France).MB Trac tracteur rail-route

Documents :

Mercedes MB Trac 800Mercedes MB Trac 800

MB Trac 800

Photo Joachim Kohler on wikimedia

Mercedes MB Trac 800, rear viewMercedes MB Trac 800, rear view

Mercedes MB Trac 800, rear view

Anonymous photo on truck1.fr

Dimension 1 Actual 1:87 Model
Length 4 150 47.7 47.7
Width 2 120 24.4 23.5
Height 2 800 32.2 31.9
Wheelbase 2 400 27.6 28.3 2
Front track 1 600 18.4 17.9
Rear track 1 600 18.4 17.6
Wheel diameter 1 244 14.3 14.3
Tyre width 380 4.4 4.6
  1. Source: Wikibooks.
  2. Approximate, due to front wheel articulation.