Ford Consul Capri 1963 BoS Models

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Ford Consul Capri


I was interested in this model, although I would have preferred the Consul Classic, because I find it typical of the British cars that came to France in the 1960s and used the car-sleeper-trains (Trains auto-couchettes, TAC in French).

From a distance, the model looks good. The scale is almost perfectly respected. The headlights are inserted, the rear lights are painted. The star grille is finely detailed. No rearview mirror.

Apparently, it’s a feature of BoS to glue the glazing from the outside. This involves cutting them to size and fitting them one by one, which must be very delicate. The result is perfectly flush glazing, but there’s a downside: you need a minimum surface area for gluing, which means the windscreen and quarter-panel uprights are far too wide. This is the case here, and it distorts this car, whose uprights are very thin in reality.

Two of the headlights are offset. Photo.Offset headlights

The coach can be dismantled using two screws (note that the chassis is more or less glued to the body). The seats are moulded with the chassis. The steering wheel is attached to the body. Photo.Dismantled car


Wikipedia : The Ford Consul Capri was the 2-door coupé version of the Consul Classic, available from 1961 to 1964 but reserved for export until February 1962. The Ford Consul Classic bore a slight resemblance to the little Ford Anglia 105E, with the same inverted rear window cut-out, a feature that appeared on the 1958 Lincoln Continental, justified by the desire to have an opening rear window.

Built from 1961 to 1964. Characteristics of the 1963 Consul Capri 335 model: rear-wheel drive, in-line 4-cylinder engine, 1498 cm3, 44.4 kW (59.5 bhp). Maximum speed 133 km/h. Tyres 5.60-13.


Ford Consul Capri BoS ModelsFord Consul Capri BoS Models, front view

Ford Consul Capri 1962, vue arrière

Photo Vauxford on Wikipedia.

Ford Consul Capri BoS ModelsFord Consul Capri BoS Models

Ford Consul Capri 1962, rear view

Photo Vauxford on Wikipedia.

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Length 4 336 49.8 49.2
Width 1 652 19.0 19.0
Height 1 372 15.8 15.8
Wheelbase 2 515 28.9 28.5
Front track 1 257 14.4 14.8
Rear track 1 257 14.4 15.0
Wheel diameter 586 6.7 6.7
Tyre width 142 1.6 1.8