Fiat 128 1969 Brekina

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Brekina 22525


Fiat 128 1969


The first thing that strikes us is the grainy appearance of the paintwork, so much so that I thought the body was made of raw plastic before dismantling it. The windscreen is semi-recessed; the other windows are not flush at all.

There is a plethora of chrome. The headlight surrounds are a striking example. It would benefit from being painted black. The windscreen wipers are moulded, partly with the body, partly with the windscreen. FIAT 128 branding is finely applied to the rear boot.

The headlights are inserted onto the radiator grille. The rear lights are also inserted. There is no rearview mirror.

The chassis is dismantled from the rear, where a cylindrical pin is located, the front being held in place by a hook-shaped lug. The interior is uniformly black. The steering wheel is not inserted. The gear and handbrake levers, as well as the door linings, are shown.

Here is a photo of the disassembled model.FIAT 128 dismantled, front view


The first series of the Fiat 128 was produced from 1969 to 1974, followed by restyling and re-engineering until 1983.

Specifications (1969 4-door model): front-wheel drive, in-line four-cylinder engine, 1116 cm3, 40.5 kW (55 bhp) DIN. 145 SR 13 tyres. Maximum speed 140 km/h. Unladen weight 805 kg.

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Fiat 128 Brekina-StarlineFiat 128 Brekina-Starline

Fiat 128

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Fiat 128 Brekina-StarlineFiat 128 Brekina-Starline

Fiat 128

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Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Length 3 856 44.3 44.0
Width 1 590 18.3 18.6
Height 1 420 16.3 16.4
Wheelbase 2 448 28.1 28.7
Front track 1 308 15.0 15.0
Rear track 1 306 15.0 15.0
Wheel diameter 568 6.5 6.7
Tyre width 145 1.7 2.0