Citroën 2CV 1958 Les Classiques

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SAI Les Classiques 6002


Citroën 2CV AZLP 1958


Probably the most successful of the 1:87 2CV models. The front end, with its very thin grille and headlights mounted on a crossbar as in reality (with a reservation about the “glasses” attached), is remarkable. The lights are painted; there are even indicator lights on the headlights. A photoetched mirror is supplied, but there is no place to mount it.

The car can be disassembled with two small screws. Photo.Dismantled car The dashboard and steering wheel remain attached to the body. Photo.Interior of the car We discover a detailed interior, with nice seats with a visible but too thick frame. There are also door linings where you can see the clip for closing the opening window, characteristic of the 2CV! There is even a spare wheel in the boot, invisible from the outside. The soft top, with its successful colouring, is a spare part.

Now for the not so good. The most important defect is the windscreen, under which the part that actually contains the air vents is too high. Then, the window pillars are too thick, a defect accentuated by the fact that the side windows are not recessed at all. The Wiking 2CV is better on this point (but the latter has its windscreen too low, on the contrary!) Here is a comparative photo.Comparaison SAI / Wiking In this respect, the two models are caricatures, in the opposite direction!

An improvement already made on the Renault 4 Wiking would have been to make the rear wheels independent…


  • Headlights modified: removal of the nail-shaped glass; hollowing out the parabola with a spherical cutter; application of Molotow Liquid Chrome. See the result. Citroën 2CV with modified headlights and mounted mirror
  • Mounted mirror (manual drilling of the windscreen pillar with a carbide drill ⌀ 0.3 mm; gluing with CA). See the result. Citroën 2CV - mounting the mirror


The Citroën 2CV was manufactured from 1948 to 1990, with approximately 5.1 million units of all types produced. The 1957 AZLP type was the first to receive a Citroën-made rigid rear boot door, other doors having been supplied by independent manufacturers before.

Specifications (1957 AZLP model): two-cylinder air-cooled flat engine, 424 cm3, 9.2 kW (12 hp) SAE. Tyres 125-400. Max. speed 78 km/h. Weight 490 kg.


Citroën 2CV 1958 Les ClassiquesCitroën 2CV 1958 Les Classiques

Citroën 2CV AZ 1962

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Citroën 2CV 1958 Les Classiques reCitroën 2CV 1958 Les Classiques rear view

Peugeot 204, rear view

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Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Length 3 780 43.4 43.7
Width 1 480 17.0 17.2
Height 1 600 18.4 18.3
Wheelbase 2 400 27.6 27.0
Front track 1 260 14.5 13.9
Rear track 1 260 14.5 13.6
Wheel diameter 625 7.2 7.0
Tyre width 125 1.4 1.6

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