EVS Lailps 3-axle flat wagon with tarpaulin Jouef

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Jouef HJ6237


EVS Lailps flat wagon with tarpaulin

UIC Number Revision Date
21 87 421 6 088-8 P 13.10.85
Home base: Pompey


151 g (NEM: 123 to 159 g).


Wagon in period IVb (after 1980). The scale is loosely respected (see dimensions table). In particular, this wagon is far too wide. It is a curious mixture of fineness and … less fineness, to be kind — although, for the price, you don’t necessarily want to be kind…

In fact, the ends are very detailed, with numerous attached parts: photoetched ladders, handles, tarpaulin locking rods, etc. On the other hand, there are no towing hooks or brake hoses, nor space for them. The manoeuvring steps are moulded into the chassis. Photo.Three-quarter front view

There are no attached part on the underside, which takes us back at least fifteen years (personally, I don’t mind too much, but you could have hoped for better for the price). Photo.Frame underside

The central axle is not equipped with an elongation system, as Roco was able to do on its TA378 STVA (which, if I’ve understood correctly, SNAV took over for the Laps). Instead, there is a system of crossed links to maintain the radiating axle. The running is good.Photo.Radiating central axle

The axle assembly is unusual in industrial equipment, as they have cylindrical spindles rotating in metal plates, like the Hornby-Acho wagons of the 60s. The wheel back-to-back distance is a little small: 14.3 to 14.4. The wheels are a little too small. The flanges are 0.9 mm high.Photo.Axle spindle and sheet metal bearing

While running, I notice a vertical oscillation of one of the half-wagons, at the level of the central axle. This seems due to backlash in the joints.

See the Loco-Revue forum.


Reduction in central axle articulation backlash by replacing the M2 shoulder screws with normal screws. Simply tighten them moderately and then loosen them by a quarter turn. Photo.Replacement of the central axle screws


21 wagons built in 1974 by the Société nouvelle des ateliers de Vénissieux (SNAV) for the Société d’étude et d’exploitation de wagons spécialisés (EVS). Initially registered Laps 21 87 043 9 000 to 020, from 1980 they received the new UIC numbering Lailps 23 87 421 6 001 to 020 (wagon No. 000 having been sold to Transfesa).

Main characteristics (approx.): tare weight 24 t; useful surface area 70 m2; maximum capacity 200 m3.

Wagons were built for other operators in Italy (Indesit, Ausiliare SPA Milano) and Spain. Spain’s Transfesa has designed and commissioned the construction of similar wagons with interchangeable axles.


  • Club MFTrain website (in Spanish). See an extract from the article on this site, translated into English.

In 1974, 21 flat wagons of this type were built for the French company EVS, registered with SNCF in 1972 UIC numbering as Laps 21 87 043 9 000 to 020. Later, with the 1980 UIC numbering, they became Lailps 23 87 421 6 001 to 020 (the 000 was sold to Transfesa in 1976).

In 1976, Transfesa bought Laps 21 87 043 9 000 from EVS, as mentioned above. This 000 platform was used as a prototype so that SNAV could develop a specific model which was to include an axle change system. The result was new wagons, externally identical to those previously built for EVS and Indesit, but with the added advantage of being able to be integrated into traffic on the Iberian Peninsula. Transfesa’s final order comprised 47 units.

Following the above orders from EVS, Indesit and Transfesa, the Italian company Ausiliare SPA Milano placed an order with SNAV for a further 40 wagons of this type, which were registered with the Italian railways FS under the name Las 21 83 044 5 1xx (later Lails 23 83 420 7 8xx). Externally, these early EVS Lailps and the Indesit/Transfesa/Ausiliare Lails were identical and known by the nickname “gooseneck”.

From the 1980s onwards, EVS leased and sold a large number of these Lailps wagons to other European companies such as ASG and Flumroc, but they retained their SNCF number plates.

Lailps flat wagon with tarpaulin JouefLailps flat wagon with tarpaulin Jouef

EVS articulated wagon Debach’vit

Photo EVS from mftrain.com.

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 26 500 1 304.6 307.0
27 000 1 310.3
Chassis length 25 260 1 290.3 291.1
25 760 1 296.1
Chassis width 2 800 32.2 35.6
Height 3 775 1 43.4 51.7
4 425 1 50.9
Wheelbase 20 840 239.5 240.0
Wheel diameter 920 10.6 10.3
  1. Depending on version