Uh 3-axle tank wagon Jouef

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Brand - Reference

Jouef HJ6222


Uh 3-axle tank wagon of 51.7 m3

UIC number Revision date
21 87 004 4 005-8 P 14.4.72
21 87 004 3 382-2 P 14.4.72
Home base: Villeneuse St Georges


65 g (NEM: 49 to 64 g).


Very flattering appearance. Very fine engraving of the accessories. The railings, ladders and footsteps are in photoetched metal, except for the gangway railing, in plastic. Many details added: buffer handles, lamp holders, valves with handwheels, brake levers and components, axle load compensation system.

Wheelsets: the wheels have a more realistic shape than before, but are not burnished. The centre axle slides easily for running in curve. Good running. Characteristics: see dimension table opposite.

The elongating drawbars are removable. The return springs are too weak.

A screw brake angle transmission is supplied as a separate part. It does not interfere with the travel of a Profi coupling even on a 350 mm radius, provided it is not glued rigidly (Krystal Klear for example). The only problem is that this part is black while the rest of the chassis is grey. See the part’s location.Screw brake angle transmission

There is no location to mount the brake hoses. There is a location for the tow hook, but the fitting is too loose and won’t fit without glue.

See the Loco-Revue forum.


Years of manufacture: late 1950s to early 1960s; manufacturers: mainly Fauvet-Girel, maybe Ateliers de construction d’Épluches, Ets Richard.

Main caracteristics: tare 15 to 16 t, “C” load 44 t, max. capacity 56 m3.


Jouef 3-axle tank wagonJouef 3-axle tank wagon

Jouef 3-axle tank wagonJouef 3-axle tank wagon

Simotra Uh 3-axle tank wagon

Photo Didi79 on Loco-Revue forum.

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 10 740 123.4 123.3
Chassis length 9 500 109.2 109.4
Tank length 9 123 104.9 104.8
Chassis width 24.5
Tank diameter 2 900 33.3 33.1
Overall height 50.6
Tank height 45.9
Wheelbase 5 750 66.1 66.2
Wheel diameter 1 000 11.5 11.5
0.85 14.2  
to 14.3 1
  1. NEM: 14.5 ± 0.1.