NMBS I2 B11 coaches (Belgium) LS Models

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Brand - Reference

Models World MW2101-01/03


NMBS I2 B11 coaches.

UIC number Revision date
51 88 21-80 210-6 16.12.83
51 88 21-80 205-6 4.1.84


128 g (NEM: 107 to 139 g).


Set of two I2 B11 coaches in the original green livery, from the NMBS Express 297 Liège - Luxembourg set.

The coaches look well rendered, but the glazing is a bit wavy. Inscription plates are to be mounted for a minimum curve radius of 520 mm. They are easily detachable if necessary.

Wheel diameter 10.55. Axle dimensions: see table opposite. Brass bearings. Current pick-up strips are provided, not mounted. They require removing the brake equipment to be fitted, as with the I4s, except that this is not mentioned here.

Bellows replacement: I haven’t tried it on these coaches, but on the accompanying RIC luggage van. It’s not easy. See the comment in the van page.

It should be noted that the Liege - Luxembourg set has a box once again out of the ordinary: the coaches are stored two by two in two superimposed drawers, themselves inserted in the outer box. To take them out, you have to pull on two ribbons on each side. The outer box measures 370 × 185 × 122 mm! Could this not explain the somewhat excessive price of this product — almost €100 per coach? Photo.View of the MW2101 set box

See gamos81.altervista.org for a reference list of issued NMBS I2 coach models.


Installation of lighting controlled by latching reed switch.


Series of 12 2nd class coaches built in 1952 by Ragheno. Ex-C11, upgraded to B11 in 1956. In the early 1960s, they underwent a major modernization: Pennsylvania bogies replaced with Schlieren bogies, semi-opening windows with aluminium outer frame. They were cancelled around 1988.

NMBS numbering: 12101 to 12112. UIC: 51 88 21-80 2xx.

Eleven compartments with eight seats (88 seats in total). Tare weight 33 t.


NMBS I2 B11 coach Models WorldNMBS I2 B11 coach Models World

NMBS I2 B11 coach Models WorldNMBS I2 B11 coach Models World

NMBS I2 B11 coach

Anonymous photo in Le matériel métallique à voyageurs 1950-1987,
Mr Vandenberghen, NMBS.

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 23 300 267.8 269,0
Body length 22 000 252.9 253.5
Width 2 940 33.8 34.8
Height 3 840 44.1 44.2 1
Pivot distance 15 516 178.3 178.3
Bogie wheelbase 2 700 31.0 31.1
Wheel diameter 920 10.6 10.6
1.0 14.4 2 24.8
  1. On average; end #1: 44.1; end #2: 44.3
  2. NEM: 14.5 ± 0.1

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