NMBS RIC luggage van (Belgium) LS Models

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Brand - Reference

Models World MW2101-04


“Short” NMBS RIC luggage van.

UIC number Revision date
51 88 95-40 920-0 13.12.83
Ex-NMBS number: 17107


110 g (NEM: 74 to 97 g).


NMBS RIC luggage van in original green livery, from the NMBS Express 297 Liège - Luxem­bourg set.

As far as I can tell, this luggage van is well engraved. The roof and body are a single piece. The bogies have a slightly hard swivelling, perhaps because of the current pickup strips that rest on them. The axles are insulated in the middle, the electrical contact being made by the axles rotating in the metal sidewalls.

Wheel diameter: 10.6 mm. Axle characteristics: see table opposite. The back-to-back distance est still to the old standard. The half-axles are joined by an insulating sleeve having a 2.5 mm diameter; that of the metal axles is 1.5 mm. The whole doesn’t rotate very smoothly…

Changing the bellows for a folded one is quite tricky. The method suggested in the manual doesn’t work, because the parts to be removed fit too hard in their housing. For the bellows support arch, I first unintentionally broke the fasteners, then glued the new part after removing its own fasteners. Photo of the parts in question.View of the bellows arches


  • Unfolded bellows replaced with a folded.


Series of 10 luggage vans put into service in 1938, built by Compagnie Centrale de Cons­truction in Haine-Saint-Pierre.

Additional information needed: dimensions…


NMBS short RIC luggage van LS ModelsNMBS short RIC luggage van LS Models

NMBS short RIC luggage van LS ModelsNMBS short RIC luggage van LS Models

NMBS RIC luggage van

Photo Patrick Tassignon on forum.trainminiaturemagazine.be.

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 16 160 185.7 186.1
Body length 170.4
Width 34.2
Height on roof 43.0 1
Height on look-out post 47.8
Pivot distance 9 160 105.3 105.3
Bogie wheelbase 2 500 28.7 28.5
Wheel diameter 1000 11.5 11.6
0.95 14.3 2 23.4
  1. On average; end #1: 42.9 ; end #2: 43.1.
  2. NEM: 14.5 ± 0.1