Courses and reports

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Railway course

Railway Course Institut Industriel du Nord de la France
Railway course
taught by Mr Le Goaster, Engineer of Arts and Manufactures, Chief Inspector of Operations on the Nord Railway.

Class taken in 1910 by my grandfather, future station manager at the Compagnie du Nord then at the SNCF.

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Report on bombings in 1940

Report on bombings of St Roch Report on the bombing of the St-Roch station (Somme) in May 1940, by my grandfather, Station Manager of St-Roch.

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An episode of the Blitzkrieg of 1940, which made me feel those times much better than any page of the History books: the dead, the wounded, employees and soldiers, the Belgian or Fren refugees, and finally the family that one cannot find any more… The tone that tries to be as neutral and administrative as possible still makes this telling more poignant. Alas, some peoples still suffer those kinds of things nowadays.

Internship report

Stage aux ateliers d’Hellemmes Internship report at the Hellemmes SNCF Workshops, written by me as a 1st year engineer student at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Électricité et de Mécanique of Nancy (ENSEM). July 1972.

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Repair of electric locomotive axles. Detection of defects: ultrasound, dye penetrant inspection. Wheel reprofiling. Wheel chocking on axles. Embattage (mounting of tyres on wheel bodies). Axle boxes: régulage (deposition of an anti-friction alloy on bearings).

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