Peugeot 403-7 1960 Les Classiques

Peugeot 403-7

Photo Benjamin in newsdanciennes.com.

Les Classiques SAI 6232


Peugeot 403-7 1960

Nice model with very fine markings. The rims are nice and detailed. Painted lights and indicators. Light grey interior; there are even door trims with armrests, handles, and window cranks (a bit big)! See photo. Interior view

Nothing to complain about from a scale point of view, except for a little overweight in width. The tracks are a bit wide, but there is a way to shorten the axles, as there is some clearance.

As for all the models of this collection, this one can be disassembled without difficulty thanks to two small screws. See photo. Dismantled car

However, a few details tarnish the result: the windscreen and the rear window appear too narrow because of the too big silver seals; the headlight inserts are too prominent and have a black “pupil” effect; the bottom of the grille is straight when it should be curved. No mirrors.


Modified headlights: removal of the nail-shaped glass; hollowing out the parabola with a spherical mill bit; application of Molotow Liquid Chrome; application of a touch of yellow in the centre; finally, cover with a drop of Kristal Klear. See the result.

Peugeot 403 with modified headlights

The Peugeot 403 was manufactured from 1955 to 1966, with approximately 1.2 million units of all types (saloon, estate, cabriolet, commercial, flatbed). The 403-7 was the entry-level model with the engine of the 203, recognizable by its simplified grille.

Specifications (model 403-7 1960): In-line four-cylinder engine, 1290 cm3, 34.5 kW (46 hp) DIN. Tyres 155-380. Max. speed 120 km/h. Weight 960 kg.


Peugeot 403-7 1960 Les ClassiquesPeugeot 403-7 1960 Les Classiques

Peugeot 403-7

Photo Benjamin in newsdanciennes.com.

Peugeot 403-7 1960 Les Classiques rear viewPeugeot 403-7 1960 Les Classiques rear view

Peugeot 204, rear view

Photo Benjamin in newsdanciennes.com.

4 450 51.1 50.9
1 670 19.2 19.8
1 500 17.2 17.4
2 660 30.6 30.7
1 340 15.4 15.7
1 320 15.2 15.6
660 7.6 7.3
155 1.8 2.0

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