DAF 750 Brekina

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Brekina 27717


DAF 750


An atypical little car that surprised with its “Variomatic” transmission. The Brekina model is nice, despite its slightly too prominent radiator grille. In fact, this model seems closer to the 1963 DAF 30 Daffodil. See in particular the position of the front indicators.

The headlights, bumper and grille are inserts. Other lights are painted (rather badly). Windscreen and rear window not very flush. Moulded rearview mirror and windscreen wipers. The wheels are very plain and in keeping with the original.

The headlights, not silvered, are very dark. The glazing is stuck askew, as can be seen on the three-quarter view photo. It’s easy to correct by ungluing it off…

The model can be dismantled by removing the bumpers and grille. The one-piece interior is moderately detailed. The tiny steering wheel is moulded together with the interior. Photo.Dismantled car Disassembly reveals another version, the DAF 600, with round indicators. Its ugly front end is reminiscent of the AMI 6 Citroën…


The DAF 750 was manufactured from 1961 to 1963. The better known Daffodil version, as an export model, and virtually identical, was produced from 1961 to 1967.

Specifications (1963 model): 2-cylinder flat boxer engine, 746 cm3, 22 kW (30 bhp) DIN. 145 - 330 tyres. Maximum speed 105 km/h. Unladen weight 660 kg.

It was equipped with the famous Variomatic automatic transmission with variable-diameter pulleys and belts. In fact, the first application of this transmission to cars was by Gustave Fouillaron, at the beginning of the twentieth century.

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DAF 750 BrekinaDAF 750 Brekina

Daffodil, rear view

Photo oldiesfan67 on oldiesfan67.canalblog.com.

DAF 750 BrekinaDAF 750 Brekina

Daffodil, front view

Photo oldiesfan67 on oldiesfan67.canalblog.com.

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Length 3 610 41.5 41.1
Width 1 440 16.6 17.0
Height 1 380 15.9 16.2
Wheelbase 2 050 23.6 23.9
Front track 1 180 13.6 13.6
Rear track 1 180 13.6 13.6
Wheel diameter 591 6.8 6.5
Tyre width 145 1.7 1.8