Electronics and
Programming (1)

On Earth, there are 10 kinds of people:
those who know the binary and those who don’t.


Some thoughts on the electronic control of model trains, trying a bit to think out of the box.

The ESU / LSM Case

Why cannot a decoder from a different brand than ESU be installed in some L.S.Models locomotives? The investigation of the century!

A Bit of Electricity

What’s bred in the bone comes out in the flesh! Electricity is my basic job, and sometimes I find on the web let’s say inaccuracies… Here you will find some notions or tricks on subjects that made me react.
Page 1 : Light-emitting Diodes
Page 3 : Rectifier Diodes
Page 4 : Marking of Resistors

Serving Servos

I was tired of problems caused by conventional turnout motors. Hurray for the servos!

A Tachometer Wagon

The main advantage of being able to measure the speed of a model train is the setting of the CVs (configuration variables) in digital control (DCC).

Logic and Decoders

I just did a search on the Internet to use the so-called logic outputs of ESU decoders. According to this manufacturer, these outputs can’t be used directly on any load. Sure?

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Batteries and chargers
Radio transmission for Lenz remote
Programming the REE DU65
A power tank for the REE shunter
I begin with KiCad
A voltage multiplier for coach lighting